Graphic Design
        Logo design for new products or programs
        Design of all marketing and merchandising printed pieces
        Web Site design and maintenance
        Design and layout print advertising
        Handle graphics for all operational materials

Print Buying
        Fit the right supplier to the project
        Design and layout projects for the most cost affective production
        Manage the production process from start to finish
        Handle the distribution of the printed pieces
Event Services
        Full event planning
        Event promotion
        Venue selection
        Vendor selection
Marketing Services
        Collateral development
        Referral programs
        Direct mail campaigns
        Email campaigns
        Press kit development
        Magazine advertisements
        Radio advertisements
        Newspaper advertisement
        Billboard advertisements
        Revitalize in-store merchandising programs
        Assist with identifying point-of-sale up-selling opportunities
        Work with developing supplier coop programs
        Develop incentive programs for increased sales