The key people of the Purple Box Group bring a unique set of backgrounds to the table that separate them from most consulting and planning companies.

To start with Whitney Fatone, the president, brings a combination of retail management, public relations, and charitable organization experience that has earned her a reputation as a strong figure in the business world as well as a leader in the community. For many years, Whitney has successfully organized, planned, and executed fundraising events for the Fatone Family Foundation. Whitney applies her energy and experience along with her connections within the radio, television, and publication industries to the clients needs to find solutions that help exceed the client's goals and expectations.

The other key person is Robert "Bob" Felter. What Bob brings to the game is a reputation of getting things produced at the best price, highest quality, and always on time. His vast experience in the fields of graphic design, product photography, and print production are unprecedented and has earned him the respect of the many people that he has worked with over the years. Bob has spent over 25 years saving companies like Red Lobster, Boston Market, Budget Truck Rental, and Westgate Resorts millions of dollars each year. Now he takes his proven practices and methods and applies them to smaller businesses and helps them lower their costs and make them more profitable.

Whitney and Bob have surrounded themselves with a team of associates and vendors that are unmatched as far as talent and expertise. Together they will treat you and your business with the same energy and excitement as if you were family. By the way, they just happen to be family, father and daughter.

We look forward to working with you.
The Purple Box Group